Last year, we asked the staff of The Verge to tell us about their favorite coffee and tea brewers, grinders, and other paraphernalia. It’s a year later, and so we thought we’d find out what other caffeine delivery systems are used while our journalists are powering through their days. If you’re also […]

There are plenty of reasons to love SEO. I certainly do and have since I started my SEO journey in 2007.  But every job has unique challenges – aspects that can be frustrating, difficult, tedious or even downright painful.  That’s why, earlier this week in the Search Engine Land newsletter, […]

Let’s admit it — most, if not all, of the people who work here at The Verge are gadget enthusiasts. But while most of those gadgets come under the heading of tech — headphones, smartphones, laptops, speakers, and all the other electronic gear that we love to play with — […]