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123 Profit by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton is an eight-week training course that largely focuses on CPA marketing and how it can be utilized to expand an online business. Anyone who wants to start an online business or who already owns an online business but wants to learn more about CPA marketing should enroll in this program. 

This program will teach you how to set up your campaign, pick the best offers, monitor your results, and grow your marketing channels for successful outcomes in this class. There will be access to the program’s exclusive coaching and mentorship services. Members can also help you out by answering your queries. 

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Do you want to learn about a great internet business opportunity? Together once more, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are launching a ground-breaking training program called 123 Profit. This course divulges their secrets for maximizing the potential of CPA marketing and generating incredible earnings with little effort. With this new introduction, the internet is buzzing, and numerous 123 Profit reviews are being written by reputable IMers who are already recognized as industry insiders.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering whether 123 Profit will meet your needs. This review will walk you through a thorough and unbiased evaluation of 123 Profit, a well-liked online course that imparts business knowledge. How much profit can you anticipate from 123? Keep on reading to find out.

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What is the 123 Profit System?

An online training program called 123 Profit reveals the tactics associated with online commerce. The program goes into great detail about the distinctive CPA marketing strategies that can help you make astronomical sums of money online. Beginner, intermediate, and expert marketers are all equally served by the 123 Profit live course. The test findings of Aidan Booth’s accomplishments are revealed in the eBook titled “The Big Secret”.

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton created 123 Profit, a three-step system that enables users to make thousands of dollars per day. This system is especially advised for those who want to boost their traffic and conversion rates, who require an alternative method of handling the tediousness of copywriting, who require assistance setting up a store, and who ultimately desire access to several shortcuts that streamline an online business. 

The program also aims to assist people from all walks of life in achieving financial wealth. It is effective for everyone and does not call for a particular academic accreditation, regardless of prior marketing or sales expertise.

Finally, the theories and procedures that they had been developing for years have been included in the 123 Profit modules. Therefore, you will learn everything about making money online by having a legitimate online company concept in this online money-making curriculum. You can achieve rapid and efficient outcomes by following the modules and putting the techniques into practice. 

The eight-week online course from 123 Profit is all about innovative CPA marketing strategies without any challenges like suppliers, product inventories, customer service, etc. 123 Profits from CPA Marketing, but how many people are familiar with CPA marketing?

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What is CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing, also known as cost-per-action marketing, is an indirect marketing strategy that entails working with a partner. In charge of providing marketing services is the advertiser’s affiliate. A commission is paid to the affiliate when a client or customer takes a specific action as a result of the advertisement. The actions taken are: 

●    Examining video.

●    Delivering a consent document.

●    Enrolling in a trial.

●    Requesting a fee.

●    Making a purchase.

The 123-profit CPA marketing technique includes marketers, distributors, and CPA networks. This innovative method of CPA marketing, which has nothing to do with eCommerce, inventory, suppliers, etc., has created astounding results.

Here are the most recent outcomes.

●    $10,914 in a day

●    $50,778 per week

●    $183,103 in a month

Moreover, the team has written a book that provides readers with an introduction to the 3-step process and some potential results from their innovative business plan.

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123 Profit and the 3-step process by Aidan Booth

They involve identifying a winning offer, creating a website, attracting traffic, and turning that traffic into money. A summary of these steps is provided below:

Identify Your Winning Offer

The first phase, in Aidan’s words, is to find “winning offers.” All of these are just offers with good conversion rates. To access these offers, individuals must sign up for an offer network, which will be discussed in the LIVE Profit Lab pre-launch events (which are often focused on weight loss, credit repair, and skin cream, to name a few).

Aidan and his team will go into more detail at the LIVE Profit Lab event on the importance of audience size and how to connect with them to generate both free and paid traffic sources.

Setting up a website

Setting up your website – or perhaps just your “web browser” as that is all you need for each deal – is the next step. The best part is that you don’t need any special technical knowledge or format to do this. These websites have the benefit of frequently being “designed for you.” They only include a few sentences, so they are easy to understand.

The purpose of these pages is to effectively and efficiently encourage the viewer to consider taking urgent action. When they take action, you get paid a commission. It’s that simple! So don’t worry if you lack technological expertise; you can still gain from this.

Turn on website traffic for your website

There are often two ways to draw customers to your services: sponsored visitors, or unpaid visitors. The offer and your financial status will have an impact on your selection. Aidan and Steve frequently use a free traffic generation technique inside 123 Profit to get a sizable audience right away. Next, you evaluate the profitability of the five transactions you pick. Once the right solution has been identified, you may boost your revenue by putting additional traffic methods in place, such as offering free traffic.

That is the general strategy, to make a long story short. The next step is to scale up by increasing your funding and investigating more opportunities to see which ones are profitable when you have completed the previous three phases and are making money. You can market additional incentives to the leads your automated sales procedure has generated to boost your revenue.

Key Benefits of the Ground-breaking 123 Profit Technique

An alternative to conventional CPA marketing

This strategy is a novel and ground-breaking solution for CPA marketing that streamlines the procedure and gets rid of a lot of the usual difficulties and problems.

Simple and easy to use

This method is created to be simple and easy to use, needing little of your time and effort.

No need for customer support or inventory management

With this approach, everything is handled automatically, so you don’t need to bother about suppliers, customer service, or product inventories.

Free targeted traffic

This technique produces free focused traffic that aids in generating more qualified leads and increasing conversion rates.

No selling necessary

With this strategy, all you need is a straightforward webpage with a few focused words on it – nothing else is required.

The fact that there is little risk is another benefit. You don’t have to worry about the typical hazards connected with other ecommerce firms as you don’t deal with real products or consumer complaints.

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How Does The Big Secret’s Three-Step Process Work?

The Big Secret describes the 10,000-foot view of Aidan’s company as follows:

●    A user comes to your website.

●    The website features a “call to action” and an “offer” made by a different business.

●    This “call to action” could ask users to input their ZIP code, send an email, or other simple details online.

●    If the visitor takes this step, they become a lead, and you get paid a commission.

The fundamentals of launching an online digital marketing firm are as follows. Some businesses pay as much as $185 for each lead as Aidan demonstrates in The Big Secret. Others pay less per lead, but you can easily produce hundreds of leads to get significant returns.

Because of this system, neither you nor anybody else is purchasing anything. You’re just asking a website visitor to provide some basic data online. There is no requirement to manage inventory, communicate with clients, or market a product.

Procedure for Live Profit Lab Sessions

If you’ve read The Big Secret by 123 Profit, you might want to check out a Live Profit Lab session. Everyone is welcome to attend each session for free, and depending on your availability, you can register for more than one.

Aidan will cover a variety of topics in the Live Profit Lab, including:

●    The three-step method Aidan and his team employ to earn $183,103 per month and $10,914 each day without having to sell any goods.

●    How they generate $1,000 for every 100 clicks with conversion rates of 62%, which is far greater than the typical e-commerce store’s 3% conversion rate.

●    How to gain access to a personal “automation suite” and take immediate action to get a shortcut to success.

A useful introduction to or follow-up to the book The Big Secret is The Live Profit Lab. It makes references to subjects that Aidan will later cover in the book. Some participants show up for a session after finishing The Big Secret, while others show up beforehand.

There are four times available for the 123 Profit Live Profit Lab session on January 9, 2023:

●    Choice 1: 11 a.m. ET

●    Choice 2: 2:00 PM ET

●    Choice 3: 5:00 PM ET

●    Choice 4: 8 p.m. ET

What exactly is included in the 123 Profit Training System?

Six modules make up Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton’s 123 Profit Review. Below is an explanation of these modules:

Module 1: Central Intelligence

The course’s fundamentals will be covered in this section, along with an explanation of what e-commerce is, what it is used for, and how it links to the sections that follow. Gaining expert advice on pricing strategies, an understanding of e-commerce platforms, the specifics of setting up an online business, and a strategy for attracting and retaining customers are all possibilities.

Module 2: Store Storm

The following feature is a tool called Store Storm that can be used to quickly launch an online store. The person can devote more time and effort to other aspects of starting his first business.

Module 3: Hand-Selected Items

The following step is to educate yourself on various topics and determine how and when to choose the best option out of the available millions. As a result, you will encounter a catalog that contains information about each object as well as records about their strength and ability. Look over their offerings, pick the services that are best for your company’s strategy, and start earning money right away.

Module 4: The Profit Vault

Profit Vault is the name of the following 123 Profit module. You can choose products and find merchants who are willing to work with you using the advice it gives. Here, you may obtain product descriptions and images that you can use in your online store.

Module 5: Traffic Black Box

Important information about the entire program will be covered in this section. This helps to make a noticeable increase in the number of people accessing your e-commerce website if you follow The Traffic Black Box’s suggestions. The data show viewership growth on both a paid and organic basis. It employs tactics like social media networks and search engine optimization to reach a large audience.

Module 6: Oracle X

Sales and worker output are both tracked using Oracle X. You’ll discover how to market these products online. Additionally, you’ll have quick and easy access to a big selection of outstanding domain names suitable for fresh web businesses.

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The No-Sell and the Profit Lab’s goal is to inform you about a cutting-edge internet business strategy that will enable you to make thousands of dollars each month without having to sell any goods.


●    Includes tried-and-true tactics

●    Ideal for those trying to increase their income

●    Guarantees results 

●    There is no product needed. Therefore, there is no need for product inventory or related maintenance.

●    Ensures immediate traffic

●    It’s entertaining and gratifying.

●    There is no need to buy inventories.

●    No need for client service


●    Results depend on your personal effort and are not guaranteed.

●    A little on the expensive side.

Who is 123 Profit Training for?

Anyone seeking a practical strategy to thrive in internet marketing, from novices to specialists, can use the 123 Profit business model. You don’t have to be an expert in marketing or business. The 123 Profit technique by Aidan Booth enables everyone to produce steady revenue. You could choose to use this technique in addition to your current income.

How much does the online course 123 Profit cost?

The coaching course will cost $3,497 throughout 4 payments, according to the 123 Profit review on the official website. Additional costs include:

Domain name fees: The cost to register a domain name normally ranges between $15 and $20. The cost of a domain name may vary depending on several elements, such as how long a name has been registered and who handles the registration.

The cost of hosting: Depending on the features you want, monthly hosting fees might range from $5 and above.

Depending on the tactics you use, you might also need to invest in advertising.

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Money Back Guarantee

Every student is entitled to a 30-day return window. The best time to begin learning about and evaluating its success is now. Customers have the right to ask for a refund if they are unhappy with the service for any reason, including problems with shipment or comprehension.

Final Verdict on the 123 Profit Reviews 

In the end, 123 Profit is precisely what it claims to be: a three-step strategy that helps put users in a position to earn up to six figures. The three stages to be taken are picking a lucrative offer, building simple web pages, and driving traffic to convert it into commission. You can view the system in action before investing, which further helps you to decide whether this program is the right fit for you.

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