How Acadian Won the 2022 SAMMY Award for Best Website Design

Acadian Total Security’s website features responsive web design and easy navigation, creating a welcoming experience for customers and prospects.

Bringing the full control of its website in-house has been a good decision for the Acadian Total Security (ATS) team.

“The website [] is designed and managed in-house to give us complete control over the design and functionality, and the ability to make on the fly changes without delays typically encountered when involving third-party contractors,” says Michelle Trahan, division coordinator for the Lafayette, La.-based company.

One example of the added nimbleness is the inclusion of a “Get A Quote” button that was added to the top of the homepage where it is easily visible. The button allows an individual to enter their address and the services they are interested in and that generates a lead form emailed directly to an ATS salesperson who can contact the person immediately.

The website has a main navigation bar that highlights the company’s three primary service categories: Commercial, Small Businesses and Home Security. When hovering over each of these titles, a sub-menu appears with more detailed options to choose from. Clicking on each subcategory brings users to a landing page filled with information for that particular service, as well as a contact form to request a quote.

The responsive web design ensures the three primary categories in the top nav, the “Get a Quote” button, and company phone number remain at the top of the website at all times.

“We have made our menus more user friendly and continue to strive to keep the most important information toward the top of the page to avoid continuous scrolling while using lots of graphics and simple fonts to keep our web pages uncomplicated for a clean and crisp view,” says Trahan, adding that the website uses a generous amount of the color green, which is the primary color in the ATS logo.

The footer of the website displays badges featuring various accreditations and groups the company belongs to, such as The Monitoring Association (TMA),, the BBB and more. Visitors will also find an area to sign up for ATS newsletters and special offers, including pop-up offers.

Another element that is immediately noticeable is the use of video on the site. So many dealers’ websites are filled with static images. Also, in this era of a tight labor pool, the ATS website also has a top nav seeking new employees under the “Join Our Team” pulldown. Other elements of the top navigation bar are key areas such as “COVID-19” and “3G Information.” There is also an area for users to sign into their accounts.

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