Bluetooth Auracast broadcast audio unveiled

Bluetooth Auracast

In conjunction with the new specifications for the Bluetooth LE Audio the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) designed to offers a new, flexible architecture that provides an ideal platform for future wireless audio innovation, and work within the Bluetooth SIG is already underway to bring additional LE Audio features and capabilities to market.

Bluetooth SIG has also introduced the new Bluetooth Auracast broadcast audio technology a new Bluetooth capability that will enhance the way we engage with others and the world around us. “Auracast broadcast audio will enable you to fully enjoy televisions in public spaces, unmuting what was once silent and creating a more complete watching experience.

Bluetooth Auracast

“Auracast broadcast audio is a new Bluetooth capability that will deliver life-changing audio experiences. It will let you share your audio, unmute your world, and hear your best, enhancing the way you engage with others and the world around you. Auracast broadcast audio will let you invite others to share in your audio experience, bringing us closer together. Auracast broadcast audio will allow you to hear your best in the places you go and is expected to become the next generation assistive listening technology, improving audio accessibility and promoting better living through better hearing.”

“Today is a proud day for the Bluetooth SIG member community,” said Mark Powell, CEO of the Bluetooth SIG. “Our members overcame the many challenges placed on them these past few years to complete the largest specification development project in the history of the Bluetooth SIG.

LE Audio extends the boundaries of what’s possible for the wireless audio market, including the introduction of Auracast broadcast audio, a new Bluetooth capability that promises to deliver life-changing audio experiences to consumers, bringing friends and family closer together and making public locations more accessible and enjoyable for all. I can’t wait to see the innovation LE Audio brings.”

Zeng Xuezhong, Senior Vice President and President of Smartphone Department, Xiaomi Corporation :

“The ability to pair your smartphone to your earbuds or headphones using Bluetooth technology has brought new levels of enjoyment and convenience to personal audio and is now a part of the fabric of our lives. The introduction of Auracast™ broadcast audio will enable us to move from personal wireless listening experiences to shared wireless listening experiences, unlocking the full potential of wireless audio and bringing even more value and delight to our customers.”

Source : SIG

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