April 17, 2021


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JOUR 361 – Journalism Explorations II – Sec 1 StUSA  – Features and Travel Writing – Have you ever wanted to become a travel writer? Now’s your chance. And you can do it from wherever you are located. Professor LaReeca Rucker will teach this online Study USA Course that gives students the opportunity to write stories with the potential to be published. Travel blogging and writing has become an industry in itself, and many envision themselves traveling the world and making money as influencers. This virtual reporting class will welcome students who can report from Oxford or from their hometown, wherever they are based.

The theme is the American South. Students will become reporters with the opportunity to have their work potentially published on a website with a South theme. They will write and photograph a variety of feature stories while exploring their own cities. It’s also the perfect opportunity to take a road trip.

The class will have a features and lifestyle reporting focus, such as content you often read in magazines and features sections of newspapers/websites. The pieces will range from light pieces about food and fashion to in-depth pieces about important issues affecting residents of the South.

While some assignments could be fun, such as visiting restaurants and writing about a city’s cuisine, others could be in-depth reporting assignments about serious issues and topics. We also hope to Zoom with media professionals who work in media throughout the South and incorporate other forms of media, such as films and music into the course.