June 18, 2021


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New $45 AirTags an absolute game changer, purple iPhone 12, new 4K TV and slim iMac

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Apple will tap further into the work-from-home market with a new slim iMac that was announced in a massive unveiling of products overnight and a brand new product that will prove a game changer for forgetful people.

Apple launched two new iPad Pros, a purple iPhone 12, brand new “AirTags”, used for locating items, and a new Apple 4K TV during a one-hour unveiling event at 3am AEST on Wednesday.

The AirTags will be available on April 30, while Apple said the iMac could be ordered “from mid-May”.


With working from home now the norm for many, Apple users are set to jump at a thinner version of its iMac computer, which uses a central processing unit designed in-house and comes in seven colours including purple and green.

The new iMacs are just 11.5mm deep and Apple says that was only possible because the M1 chip takes up less space than separate components did previously.

That change also has allowed the thermal system to be replaced with two small, quieter fans.

The new iMacs also feature a higher quality front-facing camera and microphone array.


Apple has produced its own version of Tile technology, a device that uses Bluetooth to track personal belongings to your smartphone.

AirTags are sleek and come in a leather casing, costing $45 each or four for $149.

They can be attached to keys, backpacks, luggage and other objects as you would a Tile.

AirTags are an absolute game-changer for forgetful people or those prone to losing their gadgets.

The product uses an iPhone’s camera, accelerometer and gyroscope, along with visual and haptic feedback, to help locate the device.

They can be monitored in the Find My app,

“Misplacing something like your wallet doesn’t have to be a big deal when it has an AirTag attached,” Apple said in their launch.

“You can play a sound on the built-in speaker by going to the new Items tab in the Find My app or say ‘Hey Siri, find my wallet’. If it’s hiding nearby — like under the couch or in the next room — just follow the sound and your search is over.”

Meanwhile, Apple Podcast Subscriptions was unveiled – a new service that aims to compete with Spotify.

Apple said subscription prices would be set by creators and billed monthly.

Apple also updated its Apple TV set top box with improved colour output and a faster processor chip.

The new Apple TV 4K will allow users to enhance a TV’s picture by using light sensors on the iPhone.

A full summary of the Apple launch can be found here:

  • A purple edition of the iPhone 12
  • Apple Podcast Subscriptions, a paid podcast service
  • AirTags, a Bluetooth locator for personal items
  • New 4K Apple TV with updated Siri remote
  • New slim iMac with Apple’s in-house M1 chip, and updated accessories such as a keyboard with fingerprint scanner
  • New iPad Pro with M1 chip