June 19, 2021


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In Conversation With A Digital Marketer, Anand Srivastava

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As the world is gradually shifting online, ventures search and discover tactics for more online awareness and engagement with potential customers. This has widened the scope of digital marketing; people with sound knowledge of internet marketing strategies are in great demand today. Traditional marketing is getting replaced by online marketing because of its great reach and its convenience. More people are looking forward to pursuing a career in digital marketing and seeking experts’ advice.

Here is the conversation with digital marketing expert Anand Srivastava, who possesses years of experience in the field and in-depth knowledge of digital marketing strategies. Srivastava is a guest writer at leading online portals, where he shares his technical and marketing know-how and guides aspirants in their learning journey. Anand Srivastava is a successful entrepreneur and a technocrat also. 

On asking about his journey, Srivastava recalls, “I am a technocrat. During my school days, I comprehended that the coming years would be years of the internet. Since then, I aspired to pursue a career as a digital entrepreneur. I completed my masters’ in business administration from Gautam Buddha Technical University. It paved my way in marketing, and I opted for its online genre. My journey has not been a bed of roses, I witnessed several hurdles, but with dedication and honesty, I faced everything boldly”.

Anand Srivastava shared tips on digital marketing and his self-learned strategies. He said, “I opted for the ‘people-first approach. Every problem has a different solution; likewise, every client needs a different solution. I believe in prioritizing the customer and understand what they want from me. This approach makes me different from other digital marketers.” He further added, “Digital marketing is all about getting online traffic to your service and reaching your target audience.  ‘Honesty attracts the audience’. If the service has honesty, half the work of getting customers is done.

On asking what he loves in his job the most, Anand Srivastava said, “The fact that I am helping budding and aspirational entrepreneurs to grow motivates me to work more. Every morning, I wake up and remember people need me, and I am there to help them with the digital solutions that motivate me to start my day with great zeal.”

Anand Srivastava shared his success mantra. He said dedication is the key. I believe everything is achievable if you keep chasing it. Don’t lose track. With your talent and out of the box efforts, you can nail anything. I learnt over the years that there are no office hours if you want to be successful, increasing your appetite for more knowledge and work.”

Anand Srivastava is the leading digital marketer of the country, and he has visions to expand his digital empire across global shores. His tips may prove blessings in disguise for digital marketing aspirants.  


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