May 18, 2021


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Continued COVID surge in iPhones, iPads, Mac sales

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Consumers’ reliance on Apple devices during the coronavirus pandemic drove Apple to another profitable quarter.

Among all things Apple we have used most in the COVID shutdown: services,  including Apple TV+ – with series such as “Ted Lasso” – iPads and Mac computers for school work and working from home, and Apple iPhones for all kinds of things including games, social media and phone calls.

Sales of iPads rose 77% during the January-March period, compared to a year ago, amounting to $7.8 billion, the company reported Wednesday. Mac computers sales increased 69% to $9.1 billion.

“As has been the case throughout the pandemic, iPad and Mac continue to be critically important tools for our customers,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told investment analysts on a conference call Wednesday. “Over the past year tens of millions of iPads and Macs have been deployed to help students learn creators create and to enhance remote work in all of its forms.”

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Apple Watch gets a shoutout

Wearables, home and accessories rose 24% to $7.8 billion, as more consumers got Apple TV players to stream TV and movies, and Apple Watches to perhaps help with fitness tracking or easier answering of phone calls.

Apple also sold 66% more iPhones, generating sales of $48 billion, the company’s biggest-ever March quarter, the company said. Apple released the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro (priced at $799 and $999) in October, a month later than it usually releases new models. The iPhone Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max ($699 and $1,099) were released in November.