Near Field Communication is a wireless personal area network (PAN) technology that connects two compatible devices in very close proximity of each other, in order to enable slow but reliable data transfer. This article explains how NFC works, with examples.  What Is NFC (Near Field Communication)? Near Field Communication, commonly […]

Ultra-precise mapping locates every vehicle in mines, quarries and construction sites Mines, quarries, construction sites and cement factories can be dangerous places. Huge bulldozers, earth movers, trucks and excavators are constantly on the move. There’s noise, dust, rough terrain and the ever-present risk that vehicles will hit a worker, collide, […]

The trouble with AI is not that it is going to rule us, that its ethics are questionable, that it can be used irresponsibly… The trouble with AI is that no one knows what “AI” actually means. The trouble with AI is that it lacks a clear definition, that it […]

Fiat currency: A government issued currency, such as British Pounds Sterling. Cryptoasset: A cryptographically secured digital representation of value or contractual rights that uses a form of distributed ledger technology and can be transferred, stored, or traded electronically. Cryptoasset technology has led to the development of a variety of novel […]