June 19, 2021


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Are Old and Broken Gadgets Rolling? This Website Pays You Cash

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Los Angeles (KTLA) — An old phone, tablet, or computer may be lying around your home. Now you can redeem them for cash, even if they are broken.

If it sounds too good, it’s not true.I recently visited a California-based website Gizmogo They even checked their work and even sent their broken tablets to test their services.

(Rich Demuro)

Gizmogo is part of a large electronics recycling company with a mission to keep old electronics out of landfills. In the process, they take old gadgets from your hands, cash them, repair them, or collect and reuse the precious metals inside.

“Our differentiation is that we are also very aware of the environmental impact, so removing these electronics from landfills is our main goal,” said Gizmogo’s marketing director. One Roxanna Faithful said.

The company accepts phones, tablets, laptops, computers, gaming machines, cameras, lenses, drones, smartwatches, and even an iPod. This website goes through a simple evaluation process and displays product quotes. If you agree with the quote, send us your gadget. Depending on its size, the website will either generate an instant label that you can attach to the box or send you a small box to ship your smartphone.

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Without telling Gizmogo, I tried the entire service on my son’s old iPad Mini. The screen was cracked and I left it in the garage for several months without using it. Gizmogo said he would pay $ 80.55. About a week after I sent my tablet, I had cash in my PayPal account.

To competitors Gazelle, Swapper And GildeOf course, using these instant trade-in sites will definitely give you less money on your gadget than doing all the hard work yourself and listing your gadgets. eBay, But it takes more time and effort. You need to decide what is best for your situation.

Gizmogo typically pays within 24 hours of receipt and evaluation. Note that the first number is an estimate and can change based on the state of the gadget.

“we [have a] “Zero landfill policy,” said CEO James Wang.

It’s always a good idea to delete the data before sending the gadget, but this is not always possible, especially for broken gadgets.

(Rich Demuro)

Gizmogo “if we don’t wipe it clean, we’ll destroy our memory,” Faithful explained.

In their cave-like warehouses, we saw old gadgets piled up everywhere, bottled for other countries, and then recycled or resold.

It seriously reminds us that the latest technology isn’t always in fashion, but proper disposal can make a difference between your wallet and the world.

“We just want to prevent any of these devices from eventually being washed away in landfills,” Faithful concludes.

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