April 17, 2021


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24-Hour Digital Detox Challenge: Win $2,400 by Staying Away From Gadget Screens

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As COVID-19 continues to rampage across the globe, more and more people have grown dependent on technology especially on their computers and smartphones. When it comes to video calls, work calls, online classes, or starting up a business, people are glued to their screens.

But the current lifestyle isn’t at all healthy, which is why Reviews.org, a testing company that reviews services and products that keeps you connected at home, is willing to pay $2,400 to the chosen candidate to take a digital detox challenge for 24 hours.

The company wrote on its website that the challenge is perfect for people who want to ditch their devices for a day but still need to get paid.

According to the company, the ideal candidate is someone who has always wanted to win reality competitions who is definitely into tech and up for the task.

24-Hour Digital Detox Challenge

Despite what you might think, the challenge isn’t as easy as it sounds. The chosen challengers will have to cleanse themselves of their smartphones, televisions, computers, gaming consoles, smartwatches, and smart home devices.

Although Reviews.org clarifies that microwaves are okay.

The selected applicants will receive safes to store all their electronics for 24 hours and a $200 Amazon gift card to put together a simple tech-free “survival kit.”

The company suggests including typewriters, writing paper, paints, and brushes to replace computers and texts as part of the “survival kit.”

Challengers will review the survival kit and provide feedback on the experience while completing the 25-hour digital detox challenge.

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Growing Health Risks of Screen Time

With the onslaught of the global pandemic forcing many to work remotely and for students to study online, screen time has become more of a necessity than it was before.

In a 2019 report, Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, found that teenagers were spending an average of 7 hours per day of screen time for entertainment alone.

Based on Reviews.org’s phone addiction report found that 3 out of 4 Americans (75.4%) consider themselves addicted to their smartphones, with a majority of people checking their phones once every 8 minutes or 160 times a day. People spent an average of 56 hours and 42 minutes per week watching TV which is almost 17 hours more than a full-time job. 17.3% of parents admit to spending more time on their smartphones than with their children.

Additionally, spending too much time on your screens is linked with other health risks such as myopia, sleep deprivation, increased risks of obesity, and mental health problems.

Reviews.org explained that the company knew that most people didn’t have the luxury to stay away from their screens. Hence, the 24-hour detox challenge was born.

Aspiring challengers need to answer a 100-word questionnaire on why they’re up for the challenge. Applicants may send in their information until March 26, with the selected challengers to be announced on March 29 on Reviews.org’s Youtube page.

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