While quantum computers exist in the lab, general-purpose quantum computers aren’t yet available for commercial use. How can businesses respond to potential disruptions from this technology before it has actually emerged into the mainstream market? One company that has been investing substantially into quantum computing is Infosys, and so the […]

It’s no secret that the adventure of SEO means being in it for the long game. Optimization is a never-ending process. One day, you’re ranking at the top of the search results – and the next, your competitor publishes something new that knocks you down a rung. The promise of […]

This week, Apple rolled out a massive update to iMovie, its movie-making app, so that it’s really easy to edit and make your own short flick. Rumors swirled that Sonos was working on smaller speakers, thanks to its acquisition of Mayht. And leaked images showed that Apple could be gearing […]